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It all began many many many years ago.....

Our dream started over a decade ago.  However, the timing was not right at that time.  Through the years, we became grandparents and realized that things in our lives needed to change.  Being in the corporate IT world for 37 years, it was time for a change for the better and go back to what made us happy and enjoy doing. My wife and I have both worked in pizza restaurants.  We both agree that those times have always been positive and memorable experiences. So we started working on our plan to move forward with our dream, AND Mister B’s was born, with the one change of going mobile due to the events throughout 2020.  Our design and concept was to provide the classic tradition which is why we went with an authentic wood fired oven from Italy. Our trailer was laid out to provide you with a fun and positive experience as you can watch your pizza being made by hand.

Our commitment to you:

Creating a classic tradition with a new world taste by only using high-quality ingredients that are fresh and prepared daily. We take pride and commit to providing a positive and professional service whether it be when you come to visit us around town or while catering for you during a special event like a wedding, birthday or any other special occasion. 


​Our pizzas are made with the same passion and care as when we are serving it to our own family.  


Check our calendar and ​Find us to see what we’re all about!

Rob / Tami Brown



since 2021​

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